Spiral Kneading Machine BT-SMX-60

The sturdy industrial motor demonstrates strength even with heavy doughs and impresses with its quiet running noise and stable operation. The dough kneading machine operates on the spiral kneading system.

Device details

BT-SMX-60, Kneading machine

The BT-SMX-60 dough mixer features bidirectional and dual-speed settings. In models with low dough capacity, the bowl and spiral rotate using a single motor. In models with high dough capacity, the bowl and spiral rotate independently thanks to separate motors. This allows the bowl to be manually rotated separate from the spiral.

Device properties

Designed for efficient kneading!

The dough kneading machine is built with IP65 protection, making it resistant to water splashes and dust. Models with high dough volume feature a water connection valve located behind the product. This allows for direct connection to pipelines or dosing systems. The power transmission elements used in the movement mechanism of the bowl and spiral work silently and impact-free with the PK belt system. It is easy to clean and features a new design structure.


Spiral Dough Kneading Machine Backtop BT-SMX-60
Model: BT-SMX-60
Automatic timer with 2 timers
Two-speed settings
Stainless steel bowl with spiral
Includes protective cover
Max. dough capacity: 60 kg Max.
Flour capacity: 35 kg
Bowl diameter: 60 cm
A) Length: 62.5 cm
B) Width: 118 cm
C) Height: 129 cm
C1) Height of the open lid: 145 cm
Motor power: 2.2-3.4 kW
Electrical power: 380V / 11A 3-phase
Weight: 290 kg
2-year warranty

1090 × 630 × 1065 cm

Black, Natural


Fabric, Metal, Polypropylene


180 x 186 x 51mm


215g / 225g (incl audio cable)


1.2 m audio cord with 3.5 mm jack
1.25 m USB-A to USB-C cable


Electro-dynamic driver, 40 mm diameter