Fermentation room air conditioner ST-1000

Ready-to-connect fermentation room air conditioner ST-1000 with individual temperature and humidity control; electronically controlled water supply and the proven steam generation system; suitable for room sizes up to 10 m2, expandable up to 20 m2; temperature up to 50°C; humidity up to 95%; stable design with integrated impact protection.

Device Details

ST-1000, Fermentation room climate control unit

The fermentation room air conditioner is exclusively designed for dough proofing and fermentation in enclosed spaces, ensuring optimal quality of baked goods achieved through uniform fermentation throughout the fermentation room. An insulated steam generator with adjustable capacity guarantees fast and precise steam dosage.

Device Properties

Perfect conditions throughout the room!

The fan motor at the air duct draws in the air and pushes it into the air duct. The descending air absorbs heat and moisture. The humid and heated air is directed into the fermentation cabinet through the partition plate below the air duct.


Fermentation room air conditioner
Brand: Backtop
Model: ST 1000
Capacity: 10 m2
Connection: 400 V / 50 Hz / 6.5 kW
Dimensions (H x W x D): 170 x 50 x 20 cm
Humidity: 60/95%
Temperature: +20/+50 °C
Weight: 65 kg

We provide the device with a 2-year warranty and assure you that spare parts will be readily available in the long term.

Upon request, we would be happy to offer you a quote for installation through our assembly service.

20 × 50 × 170 cm

Black, Natural


Fabric, Metal, Polypropylene


180 x 186 x 51mm


215g / 225g (incl audio cable)


1.2 m audio cord with 3.5 mm jack
1.25 m USB-A to USB-C cable


Electro-dynamic driver, 40 mm diameter