Fermentation room air conditioner combination Backtop ST-1000 / ST-1000+


Pre-assembled fermentation room climate control unit ST-1000, expanded with St1000+ and connected with a shared control system, can cover fermentation rooms of up to 20m2. It features individual temperature and humidity control, electronically controlled water supply, and a proven steam generator system. Temperature can be set up to 50°C, and humidity up to 95%. The unit is sturdily built and includes integrated collision protection.

The fermentation room climate control unit is exclusively designed for loosening and fermenting dough in enclosed spaces, ensuring optimal bakery quality achieved through uniform fermentation throughout the fermentation room. An insulated steam generator with adjustable capacity guarantees fast and precise steam dosing.

Equipment Features Perfect conditions throughout the room!

The fan motor at the air duct draws in the air and pushes it into the air duct. The descending air absorbs heat and moisture. The moist and heated air is directed into the proofing cabinet through the separating plate beneath the air duct.


Fermentation Room Climate Control Unit Backtop

Model: ST 1000/ST 1000+
Capacity: approx. 20 m2
Connection: 400 V / 50 Hz / 13.0 kW
Dimensions x2 (H x W x D): 170 x 50 x 20 cm
Humidity: 60/95%
Temperature: +20/+50 °C 2x
Weight: 65 kg

A plug-and-play device that only needs to be connected to water and power supply. Easy installation work.

We provide the device with a 2-year warranty and assure that spare parts will be readily available even in the long term.

Upon request, we can gladly provide you with an offer for installation through our assembly service.


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