Automatic Pastry Injector


As the name suggests, the pastry filler is capable of filling donuts and other pastries evenly and precisely. The automatic pastry filler features two injection nozzles that can create clean and precise cavities in a variety of products, without any pollution or waste. The fillings can be easily and quickly changed by replacing the funnels.

All the funnels are made of reinforced plastic that is easy to clean. Their design ensures good visibility of the filling level inside. All self-contained basic units are coated with plastic, making them durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. The electronic control system is user-friendly and adjustable.

Important Features:

  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Can store up to 99 numerical and 85 pictorial programs
  • 65K OLED color screen
  • Can fill up to 1200 pastry pieces per hour
  • Easy and fast filling change by replacing the funnel
  • Particularly high filling accuracy
  • Generous hopper capacity: 9.1kg
  • Filling dosage: 9.5g to 907g
  • No pollution, no waste
  • 2 funnels



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